Why is Plastic Surgery Cheaper in the Dominican Republic?

Several private medical centers in the Dominican Republic give significant healthcare, dental, and surgical treatments at reasonable rates to medical tourists. 

For international visitors, several institutions provide packages that combine treatment strategies, lodging, and transportation with a vacation.

Why Do People Travel to the Dominican Republic?

Beach on Costa Rica

Tourists flock to the Dominican Republic for its distinct culture, magnificent scenic wonders, medical packages, and delectable native cuisine and beverages. 

In the Caribbean, the country has the highest number of tourists. Tourists may enjoy a wide variety of water activities on the Dominican Republic’s pristine beaches and river valleys. 

It has a number of beautiful nature reserves, and visitors come to observe the humpbacked whales that winter there between January and March. Luxurious seaside resorts, affordable hotels, and rental flats are all available in the Dominican Republic.

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Why is Plastic Surgery Cheaper in the Dominican Republic?

People are increasingly traveling to other countries for low-cost treatment. This is because costs vary depending on geographic location, surgeon expertise, OR time, anesthetic, operation length, and other factors. 

Before booking consultations, you can call their clinics and ask about the price. An in-person examination is the most effective technique to examine and provide accurate guidance. Please seek the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Medical treatments may be less expensive outside of the United States, but keep in mind that you are also paying for post-operative care, which includes dealing with complications. 

We encounter patients in Chicago who have had surgery in Florida and elsewhere and then returned with problems like infections, wound healing issues, etc., and no one to care for them. Dealing with issues after that may cost more than what you’d have paid if you had it done in your country.

Best Plastic Surgery Centers in the Dominican Republic

  1. Centro de Otorrinolaringologia y especialidades
  2. CECILIP – Center for Plastic Surgery and Liposuction
  3. Dra. Tania Medina De Garcia.
  4. Dr. Asmin Aquino – Cirujano Plastico / Plastic Surgeon
  5. Bella Forma

How Long Should I Stay in the Dominican Republic for My Plastic Surgery Treatment?

This, too, is dependent on the sort of surgery conducted. Complex operations necessitate a lengthy hospital stay. 

When someone has multiple surgeries for burns, for example, the length of time spent in the hospital is based on the proportion of the burnt region. Overall body surface area burned is the term for it.

The stay is extended in situations of severe burns. Similarly, various cosmetic operations require a variable amount of time in the hospital. Butt lift operation takes a long time, depending on your pain tolerance and recovery speed. 

However, in most situations, a minimum of 11-15 days after surgery in the Dominican Republic is needed for stitch removal and other follow-up tests.

Recovery Period

Again, it depends on the type of treatment. It is recommended that you allow yourself plenty of time to heal. If you heal in less time than expected, you will be pleased. 

After a breast transplant, patients can go back to work in 6-7 days. The swelling goes down after 3 months, and the breasts regain their normal size and form. The recuperation time for butt-lift surgery is 4 months.

Liposuction recovery durations change based on the body part out of which fat is extracted. Within one month, the results of rhinoplasty are visible. After a year, though, the final image emerges. For a  facelift and eyelid surgery, a surgical recovery period of two to three weeks is required.

“My Recovery must come first so that everything I love in life does not have to come last.” — Unknown

Rate of Success

Plastic surgery isn’t always effective. Before having surgery, a patient’s physical state is assessed, and those who pose the fewest health concerns are permitted to proceed. If the individual is physically and psychologically fit, the success rate is increased. 

Despite the high positive outcomes, operations can still go bad. Your body could become de-shaped if cosmetic surgery goes wrong, but doctors are well prepared and knowledgeable enough to rectify this as fast as possible, hence why you should not fly back home post-surgery.

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