Germany Cancer Treatments: What To Know and the Best Options

There is a saying that cancer is a disease of aging. As people live longer than ever, cancer is becoming more common. Unfortunately, new cancer treatments can also be expensive. Therefore, lots of people are looking for alternative options, trying to find ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of their care. You might even be interested in going to Germany for cancer treatment. What do you need to know about cancer treatment in Germany?

Cancer Treatments Available

In general, there are three separate cancer treatments available in Germany. Some of the cancer treatments you may hear about in Germany include:

  • Surgery: Surgery is exactly what it sounds like. If you have cancer somewhere in your body, the doctor will take a look to make sure the cancer has not spread anywhere else. Then, if the cancer has isolated to one part of your body, and the doctor can get to it without harming vital organs, a surgeon can remove the cancer from your body.
  • Radiation: A doctor may also recommend radiation. Radiation is designed to destroy cancer cells. One of the side effects of radiation is that it will also damage healthy tissues. The doctor will try to isolate radiation to the areas of your body with lots of cancer. By destroying the cancer cells, the doctor can treat your cancer.
  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is designed to kill cells that divide quickly. Because cancer cells divide faster than they should, chemotherapy should kill cancer cells before healthy tissue. This is one of the main stages of cancer treatment.

Sometimes, an oncologist in Germany will combine all three of these options together.

Does Germany offer advanced treatments with high success rates?

Yes, if you go to Germany, you have multiple treatment options with high success rates. Some of the benefits of receiving cancer treatment in Germany include:

  • Germany gives you access to the latest medical equipment.
  • Oncologists in Germany also have access to the latest medications.
  • Germany is usually on top of the latest scientific developments. Therefore, you can access innovative medical treatment.
  • Cancer doctors in Germany have to go through a tremendous amount of education and training to treat people with cancer.
  • German doctors also work together. Therefore, if your oncologist believes you need surgery, he or she can refer you to a surgical specialist who can remove cancer from your body.

Therefore, if you are looking for a place to get cancer treatment, Germany is a good place to look.

Looking for Alternative Cancer Treatment in Germany: What To Know

If you decide to seek cancer treatment in Germany, you must have a Visa. Cancer treatment isn’t something that happens quickly. You will probably be there for a while, so you need to have your papers in order.

Then, understand that cancer treatment in Germany takes place in three stages. These include:

  • Pre-Treatment: The pretreatment stage gives your doctor a chance to get to know you. During this stage, extensive diagnostic procedures will take place. That way, the doctor can figure out where the cancer is located and what the best treatment is.
  • Treatment: The treatment phase involves chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, or a combination of all three. Sometimes, the doctor will use chemotherapy to shrink the cancer tumor before the surgeon removes it. In other cases, surgery may be used first, and then chemotherapy may be used to clean up the remainder of the cells.
  • Postoperative: Finally, the oncologist will monitor you to make sure the cancer does not come back. Adjunctive therapy might be required to help you protect your digestive tract, circulatory system, and other bodily functions.

The Best Cancer Clinics

Some of the best options in Germany for cancer treatment include:

  • Helios Hospital in Berlin: Without a doubt, this is the best cancer hospital in Germany. It opened in 1898, and it has more than 70 departments. There is also a foreign department that specializes in helping international patients.
  • University Hospital in Heidelberg: If you are coming from the United States, this is one of the places to look. The hospital treats more than 1 million patients every year, and it works in conjunction with a German Research Center and the American Comprehensive Cancer Center to coordinate care for international patients.
  • Vivantes Hospital Group in Berlin: This is a new world hospital that features cutting-edge facilities, innovative physicians, and was awarded the UNICEF Quality Award. There are three separate cancer centers that are all certified by the German Society for Hematology and Oncology, specializing in blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.


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