Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, has gained popularity in recent years in Tijuana, Mexico, and across the world. It is becoming a more common treatment choice for super-obese or high-risk people

The stomach is removed 70 to 80 percent of the way through this treatment, giving the organ the size of a banana. Other necessary processes, such as digestion and acid secretion, are carried out by what remains in place.

You can only eat little portions of food if you practice VSG. The body’s fat stores provide the remaining calories, leading to weight loss. Furthermore, since the part of the stomach that makes ghrelin (the hormone that triggers hunger) is removed, you will likely feel less hungry overall and, as an outcome, lose weight quickly and significantly.

In comparison to the US and Canada, gastric sleeve treatment in Mexico costs less than $8,000. Secondly, the operation is carried out in government institutions by several of Mexico’s top bariatric surgeons. In Tijuana, Mexico, gastric sleeve surgery costs between $4,295 and $4,695.

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a weight-loss procedure that entails the removal of a major portion of the stomach. Following surgery, the patient feels satisfied with a minimal amount of food.

Is it Safe to Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico?

We get a lot of questions concerning medical services in Mexico. How much does a gastric sleeve or plastic surgery cost? Is it secure? To be honest, the answer is a little more involved than a clear yes or no.

Medical Risks of Surgery Performed in Mexico

In recent months, we’ve seen multiple news articles about poor outcomes from weight loss surgery operations performed in Tijuana, Mexico. This case involved a Utah woman who got an infection after her surgery. Later, it was found out that her incision made during the surgery was infected. It was later confirmed that the woman was suffering from pseudomonas aeruginosa.

However, not every clinic in Mexico is bad for you. Do your homework and then choose the right hospital for you to get your surgery done safely.

Apart from the weight loss benefits, the main draw of these operations is their low cost. On their websites, some agencies advertise gastric sleeve surgery for as little as $3600.

Surgery for Safe Weight Loss

Every surgery entails some level of risk. Bariatric surgery risks have been recorded many times and in various places. It’s critical to double-check and verify your clinic’s and doctor’s qualifications and reviews.


Any weight loss surgery usually comes with a specified recovery plan. To assist, a licensed nutritionist should be on staff. During the first few weeks, you can only eat certain items and learn how to eat nutritious foods in moderate amounts. 

This is something you’ll have to do. The majority of quality surgical weight loss centers provide a regimen to follow. To assure the surgery’s long-term success, they also have monitoring of patients. Also, it is important to consider the price.

Several people who travel abroad for treatment claim that it is not inexpensive in their native country. We have opposing viewpoints.

When you spend a bit of time investigating your local clinics and comparing the price, what’s included, and the standard of healthcare, you’ll quickly find that the savings aren’t worth the risk of traveling to a foreign culture and location.

Preventing infection is one of the most critical steps you can do to ensure a successful operation. Hand washing prior to and after touching your incision is one of the simplest and most critical things you can do to aid with your healing.

Is It Better for You to Stay Or Leave?

For a variety of reasons, we are cautious about responding to our first inquiry with a definitive yes or no. Our clients’ health and access to a high-quality specialist are our top priorities. 

Another issue is that people outside of the United States and Canada are difficult to verify. That’s because healthcare systems vary, doctors’ expertise differs at times, and there are linguistic and cultural hurdles that prevent complete understanding.

Your medical choices should be based on a thorough understanding of the risks and perks, as well as sentiments of faith and credibility in your doctor. Professional facilitators and healthcare travel agencies ought to be able to assist you with establishing it and keeping in touch with you until you return home.

The Best Place to Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a popular medical tourist spot, getting more visitors than just about any other city in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta seems to be the only place in Mexico with a Top Class State of the Art clinic, the CMQ Riviera Nayarit, lying on the Pacific Ocean and enabling patients to have treatment in a beautiful haven. 

There is no other place in Mexico that provides this type of bariatric surgery. As can be seen, Puerto Vallarta is a safe, stable, and feasible alternative for bariatric surgery in Mexico.

  • Long Term WLS
    A complete and affordable bariatric surgery package is available at Long Term WLS, a well-established and re-owned bariatric surgery center in Tijuana, Mexico, for those individuals who are suffering from obesity-related health conditions, such as inability to maintain a healthy weight and/or metabolic diseases, in addition to other services.\
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    Doctor Francisco Zavalza and his medical staff are trusted and experienced specialists who specialize in bariatric weight loss surgery, and Go Light Bariatrics is delighted to represent them.
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    The OLA Obesity & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Clinic is a well-known medical facility in Guadalajara, Mexico, and offers a variety of services. Among the most popular specializations are weight-loss surgery, surgery, and gastroenterology.

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