Forehead Reduction Surgery – What You Should Know

Many individuals, especially women, are not happy with the large size of their forehead. This sort of problem has been a cause of personal aggravation and, at times, shame for the majority of their lives. This is a highly personal issue that may lead to self-consciousness and lower self-esteem. In many circumstances, women with a high hairline may attempt to cover their forehead with different hairstyles, headbands, or hats. However, some opt for a forehead reduction surgery instead. 

You could be a suitable candidate for this procedure if you believe your forehead is abnormally large for your face owing to your hairline, brows, or other aspects. However, there are hazards linked with this surgery, such as surgical problems, nerve injury, scarring, and more. To find out more about forehead reduction surgery, continue reading this guide.

What Is Forehead Reduction Surgery And How Is It Done?

A forehead reduction surgery, also known as a hairline lowering operation or scalp improvement, is a cosmetic surgery technique that creates a smaller forehead while also correcting the look of a high or retreating hairline. However, forehead reduction is not suggested for those who have active or severe hair loss since it changes the hairline and may induce hair loss. Some forehead reduction techniques are paired with hair transplantation or hair transplant method to enhance the hairline, boost hair regrowth, and maximize the overall appearance. Forehead reduction is a frequent procedure done to feminize the face. 

Moreover, forehead reduction surgery is a surgical operation that is usually performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. A local anesthetic is also applied in the forehead region to lessen discomfort and bleeding. 


During the operation, your plastic surgeon will do the following procedure:

  • A skin marker will be used to outline the hairline and region of the forehead that will be excised. Extra care guarantees that the trim does not damage the nerves and hair follicles across the hairline.
  • Anesthesia is used to numb the whole forehead, from the hairline to above the brows.
  • An incision is created at the indicated region of the forehead and hairline. The surgeon will gently remove the skin from the connective tissue beneath it and cut away the area indicated for excision.
  • The upper incision is then pushed down to connect the forehead incision. This narrows the space and reduces the forehead.
  • The skin is stitched back together to minimize scar development, and the hairline nearly conceals the scar following hair regrowth.

Is The Procedure For Reducing The Forehead  Painful?

This operation causes little to no discomfort. The majority of the patients will feel slight discomfort the first evening following surgery, but substantial pain is quite unusual. Also, pain prescriptions are given to patients on an as-needed basis.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Forehead Reduction Surgery?

While healing times vary from patient to patient, recovery usually takes two to three weeks. Serious work and other physical activities should be avoided until your surgeon advises it is safe to restart them. A follow-up hair transplant treatment might decrease the hairline even more for specific individuals if requested. And as with any incisional operation, excellent care should be given to maintain the wound clean and enable it to recover correctly.

Who Is Eligible For Forehead Reduction Surgery?

Most women with a high hairline and excellent skin suppleness are candidates for forehead reduction surgery. Because this procedure requires general anesthesia, patients must be in excellent overall health to prevent problems. Individuals experiencing issues with aberrant scarring and wound healing may be urged to investigate alternative treatments.

How Long Does Forehead Reduction Last?

If performed appropriately, the result may last for a lifetime.

How Much Does Forehead Reduction Surgery Cost?

The cost of a forehead reduction is determined by the location, licensed face plastic surgeon, and duration and complexity of the cosmetic surgery.

Forehead Reduction Surgery Cost Mexico

The cost of FRS in Mexico is approximately $3,500 to $5,400. If you’re considering getting surgery there, the most popular clinics in the country are the following. You can visit their site on the link provided below.

Forehead Reduction Surgery Cost South Africa

The cost of FRS in South Africa is approximately R22,500. The following are the best clinics in the country.

Forehead Reduction Surgery Cost Korea

The cost of FRS in Korea is ₩7,055,450, which is the cheapest. For more inquiries, you can visit the website of the best clinic in South Korea.

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