Cheekbone Surgery: Things To Know About The Procedure

Wide cheekbones are regarded aesthetically beautiful; however, some individuals are not blessed with beautiful cheekbones and are dissatisfied with what they have, leading them to pursue cheekbones surgery. They wish to attain a more proportional face and lessen the look of their broad cheekbones. At the same time, cheekbones can make a face look female, male, young, aged, desirable, or less so. When it refers to their cheeks, men and women have various ideal forms. Women seem soft, feminine, and lovely with broad, round cheeks. On the other hand, men look best with short, thin cheeks that give the face an ultimately muscled or jagged look that is regarded as masculine.

Furthermore, the face muscles might shrink and become less solid as individuals age. Using cheek implants to add volume to the cheeks or the center of the face below the eyes may enhance facial features and give the face a more youthful look.

What Is Cheekbone Surgery?

Cheekbone surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which means you will be sleeping during the procedure. In most cases, a tiny incision will be made through the hairline in the forehead to access the cheekbone and reposition it. Small plates and screws may be required in certain circumstances to keep the cheekbone and eye socket in place. To do this, more than one incision may be made. To avoid noticeable scars, incisions are always buried in the hairline or within the mouth. During your first meeting, your surgeon will go through this with you.

Moreover, your surgeon will choose the best implant for your unique face shape and look. This will be reviewed in depth before the operation to assure that you can communicate your desired result to your surgeon. After that, your incision will be repaired with dissolvable stitches, and your rehabilitation will begin.

What Are The Types Of Cheekbone Surgery?

Cheekbone surgery implants may be made of several materials. The following are the most frequent forms of cheek implants:

  • High-Density Polyethylene Implants: These are comparable to silicone implants, but they integrate better with the surrounding tissue. On the other hand, these cheek implants are far harder to remove.
  • Injectable Implants: Adding the cheeks with the patient’s own stored fat or an injectable filler is a less invasive treatment that produces instant effects but is less long-lasting.
  • Silicone Implants: These are solid silicone implants placed in the cheeks. Silicone implants are available in various forms, densities, and sizes.

Who Is Eligible For Cheekbone Surgery?

If you have deflated cheeks due to aging, flat or wide, not proportional cheeks, or sunken cheeks, you are an excellent candidate for cheekbone surgery. Also, if you are stable enough for surgery, you may be a good candidate for this aesthetic operation.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Cheekbone Surgery?

The recovery period for cheekbone surgery differs based on the severity of the procedure, the size of the implants, and the incisions created. Usually, patients may resume their normal activities after 2-3 days of therapy. During the recovery, some individuals have no apparent bruises. Because the incision is performed within the cheek, there will be no visible wounds or scarring during and after recovery.

The whole recuperation process might take up to six months, after which the patient can start sports, strenuous workouts, and so on. Moreover, this surgery needs follow-up care to monitor healing. Any abnormal swelling, bleeding, fever, or other indications should be promptly reported to your surgeon. Patients must maintain all follow-up visits with the surgeon to ensure that healing proceeds properly.

Is Cheekbone Surgery Permanent?

The cheek implants are often screwed into your existing bone structure, allowing them to last a lifetime.

How Long Does Cheekbone Surgery Last?

The surgery itself may take up to an hour, but eliminating or altering the implants can take between 10 and 25 minutes.

How Much Is Cheekbone Surgery?

Aside from the operation, the overall cost of the process includes the expenses of materials used, anesthetic, medications, hospital rooms, and so on. Because the cost of all of them varies by location, the overall cost of cheekbone surgery differs from one place to another.

  • Korea: The average cost of cheekbone surgery in Korea is ₩4,431,323, with a low of ₩3,473,199 and a high of ₩4910385.
  • India: The cost of cheekbone surgery in India is between INR 80,000 to 100,000.
  • Mexico: This procedure is the most affordable in Mexico, with prices ranging from $250 to $300 in cities such as Tijuana.
  • Poland: The cost of cheekbone surgery varies from $US 550 to $US 2,000.

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