About Medical Tourist USA

Medical Tourist USA is an independent publishing company in the medical space. We’re medical researchers advocates for patients seeking care by vetting medical tourism companies, hospitals and procedures by allowing patients to voice their experiences. Our goal is to raise awareness of the additional options patients have when it comes to seeking medical assistance abroad where procedures are otherwise not available.

Medical Tourist USA is written and researched by our panel of Medical Doctors around the world who write and fact check our content to help inform patients of their options. Medical Tourist USA has 3 core tenets: Patient Education, Full Transparency & Honest Communication with any connections we facilitate.

Our Mission

  • Raise awareness of quality medical care in different countries.
  • Focus on transparency and communication to promote positive and stable growth of medical tourism and the global medical industry.
  • Provides patients, insurance companies and employers with a fair source of information on top-notch hospitals with a focus on quality and outcomes of care.
  • To protect the reputation of the medical tourism industry from shaded hospitals, healthcare providers and medical tourism brokers who may not have the same level of quality medical care and standards.
  • To act as the voice of the industry in collaboration with government agencies and the media to protect the reputation of the Medical Tourism Association.
  • Encourage and provide forums for improving communication and connectivity between patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies.
  • Look for future connected industries and technologies that will enable international healthcare providers to work more efficiently in the global healthcare industry.
  • Educate patients, insurance companies, agencies, brokers, consultants and physicians around the world on the growth of medical tourism and the globalization of health care.

Our Panel of Medical Professionals

Graduated from UNC-Chapel​ Hill School of Medicine, May 2017. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Biochemistry in 2013. Job experience includes extensive work as a teaching assistant, tutor, and guest lecturer and extensive employment in the healthcare field. Have published multiple research papers and numerous poster presentations on various healthcare research topics.
Marie Gabrielle. I graduated with a Bachelors, in Medical Laboratory with Science Degrees and subsequently, Medical School. At Medical Tourist, we aim to bridge the gap between patient and finding the care they deserve and have access to worldwide.